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Revolution Chiropractic

18800 Preston Road Suite 307

Dallas TX 75252

Phone: (972) 599-7064

18800 Preston Road Suite 307
Dallas, Tx 75252

(972) 599-7064

At Revolution Chiropractic, we believe in catering to our practice members' unique, individual needs and concerns. We understand that dealing with everyday problems can take its toll on your body and your lifestyle. That is why we provide specific adjustments to alleviate your body's stress. 

We are also able to perform techniques to aid in pregnancy care that reduce complications for expecting mothers. 


Monday: 11a-130p & 3p-6p

Tuesday: 2p-6p

Wednesday: 11a-130p & 3p-6p

Thursday: 8a-130p 3p-6p

Saturday: 10a-12p

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 At Revolution Chiropractic, our mission is to create a motivated community of healthy families that can do more, experience more, and be more. We provide logical solutions and a fresh, new perspective to a sick, old healthcare industry. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about your health based on transparent information so that you can experience more out of life. Join us on your journey to greater health. 


The power that created the body also heals the body

Our above, down, inside out approach to health works hand in hand with the premise that the body needs to be free from interference. 

We offer a global full body, full spine approach and use a hands-on style of care. 

Each practice member is given a complete exam prior to treatment. Treatment and x-ray is handled on a case-by-case scenario