So a little before 4 am this morning I woke up to the sound of a leaky faucet. My first thought was,

“Great! How did I forget to turn off the faucet?!?”. After walking in the bathroom I noticed that the sound was

actually coming from my closet. Upon further investigation, I discovered that water was leak from the

light fixture down on to the carpet. “Great…. a pipe busted” was my first thought. I called the

maintenance guy and 30 minutes later he showed up to a now steady flow of water. He told be

to use a trashcan to catch the water as while he went to hunt down the problem.

You see, this happens more than we care to admit. We all have a leak in our closet, our

symptoms. We are taught that the lack of symptoms equal being healthy, when in reality

symptoms are a warning sign for a bigger issue that s going on. We tend to focus on making

the symptoms go away. So if have a headache or so pain you take painkillers. If you have

asthma you take an inhaler, digestive issue for take curl up in the fetal position or take

something to help ease the symptoms. Notice a trend? It would be comparable to the maintenance guy just

put caulk around the light fixture tp stop the leak and saying”Ok all fixed!”. Now I’m saying to

stop treating the symptoms. I definitely wanted the symptom, my leaky light fixture, treated and

fixed. However, what I am saying is that we have to also get to the cause of the symptom or you are

going to be in a life long battle of always treating the symptom. You see, the maintenance man

went looking for the cause and found out that the water heater busted. The root cause of the

problem never was the leak in the closet, it was the water heater. In your body the nervous

system controls and coordinates everything in your body. So when the spine is misaligned, it puts pressure

on the nerves in back causing tension, Irritation and inflammation.This can lead to different

symptoms throughout the body. So instead of treating the symptoms, we look at what is causing

the symptoms in the first place, and make sure the spine is aligned properly. When we reduce the tension, irritation

and inflammation on the nerves, we allow the body to begin the healing process. If you are experiencing any

symptoms, please do not wait contact a chiropractor today. No one likes to treat symptoms for the

rest of their life.

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