In our chiropractic office, the first visit for a patient always starts out with a thorough health history. We want to know the symptom you are seeking relief for, but we also want to know the other health conditions you have going on as well. This helps us form a complete picture of what is going on and prepare the best reccomendations for care. In this conversation, topics like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and other concerns are frequently addressed. Many people say, “yes I have that symptom, but it runs in my family so I can’t do anything about it”. Science has found that this is actually not true! Research shows that environmental factors play a much bigger role in whether or not you will develop that high blood pressure, or other health concern that you have. This is great news! Now we know that you can be victorious over those battles by changing your environmental risk factors and by improving your own resilience and adaptability. Chiropractic care has so much to offer you when it comes to improving your adaptability. Our main focus is improving the function of your nervous system, which is the control center of all activity happening in your body. If we can make sure this is working full force, then your body can process stress quicker and easier. We want to make sure that your body is experiencing peak performance. For some people, this results in a reduction of aches and pains, others have improved digestion, but all people have better health while under chiropractic care. How would this impact your life? What if you are the first generation in your family that does not experience high blood pressure? What about your kids, grandkids, and their kids? You have the power to change the trajectory of health for your entire family by implementing chiropractic care.

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