In North Texas, high school sports are very competitive. Especially in towns surrounding Revolution Chiropractic such as Plano, Allen, and Frisco. It is not uncommon for teams to host practice two times a day, especially during the thick heat of summer when they have time off of class. During their season, they have practices, games, weightlifitng, and more. All of this physical stress adds up on their growing bodies. To subject a teenagers body to hours and hours of intense physical activity when they are still growing can be very stressful on their spine and well being. We suggest having chiropractor “on your team” to help your child adapt to the stresses they will encounter playing sports. Chiropractic care can address imbalances within the spine and nervous sytem to help them perform better, recover quicker, and decrease aches and pains. If there are misalignments present in a childs spine, it can lead to muscular imbalances, favoring one side vs the other, and contribute to poor biofeedback to their brain. Our office sees many student-athletes so that they can maintain a properly aligned spine throughout their season. Fun fact- did you know that most pro sport athletes use chiropractic care? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan…just to name a few!

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  1. Camille J. Brown

    Great reminder! It’s a shame that we take the physical wellness of our young athletes for granted. As it seems that training seasons are getting longer and harder no matter the sport, regular adjustments to counter this stress make perfect sense. Thanks for posting.


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