Have you ever taken the time to think about how the body actually works? How your stomach knows to secrete digestive enzymes when you are eating, how your lungs know how to pump air in and out rhythmically, how your cardiovascular system can circulate the appropriate about of blood throughout your body?

The amount of activity that your body is performing at any given moment is more than most of us can probably fathom. It is truly a miracle that all of these procceses can occur on autopilot and in an organized fashion to support life. But what about when it doesn’t? What about if your heart starts beating irregularly, or your stomach doesn’t have quite enough hydrochloric acid? For the majority of people, this means a trip to the MD is in order to see what prescription is needed to “fix” the problem. They start a medication in hopes that it will control the symptom they were experiencing , with little thought toward why that symptom was occuring in the first place. We want to challenge this approach.  Our suggestion is that you view symptoms as the fire alarm going off in the body and that you MUST look for the fire. Are we saying that medication is wrong? No! At least, not always. Sometimes the medication is needed to regulate the system but the medication should be looked at as a stepping stone and not your new lifestyle. New research tells us that less 2% of disease processes can actually be blamed on genetics! That means most of us have the potential to change our outcome. How amazing is that?! So when we look at the body and take a trip back to anatomy class, we find that there is a “circuit board”  or control system within our bodies that triggers all functions that occur. This circuit board is your nervous system. At its core, your nervous system is your brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord has nerves that branch off at each level in our spine, to exit the spinal canal and travel to a specific organ or tissue in your body, carrying messages from the brain to that body part telling it what to do. Certain degrees of stress will create tension on the nervous sytem and causes those nerves to alter the messages traveling between the brain and the body. Over time, this results in….. symptoms!! Sometimes pain, sometimes acid reflux, sometimes heartbeat irregularities, etc. So what if it is this tension that is ultimately causing your body to dysfunction? Does it make more sense to take a medication to control the symptom, or to find where the tension is in the nervous system? Our approach to healthcare in our office is to find the areas of tension within your nervous sytem and correct it with very gentle treatment. Creating a “checks and balances” system with your health can be the difference between spending your life scheduling your medicine and spending your life scheduling your next vacation! We hope you choose the latter. 🙂

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